What brands of popular CNC knives in 2020

CNC tools are tools used for cutting in mechanical manufacturing, also known as cutting tools. In a broad sense, cutting tools include both cutting tools and abrasive tools. At the same time, “numerical control tools” include not only cutting blades, but also accessories such as tool holders and tool holders. Nowadays, they are all used in households or construction. , There is a lot of space, so what good tools are worth recommending? Here are some popular CNC tools for everyone.

One, KYOCERA Kyocera

Kyocera Co., Ltd. takes “Respect for Heaven and Love for People” as its social motto, “pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees while contributing to the progress and development of mankind and society” as the company’s business philosophy. Multiple businesses from parts, equipment, machines to service networks. In the three industries of “communication information”, “environmental protection”, and “life culture”, we continue to create “new technologies”, “new products” and “new markets.”

Two, coromant Coromant

Sandvik Coromant was founded in 1942 and belongs to the Sandvik Group. The company is headquartered in Sandviken, Sweden, and has the world’s largest cemented carbide blade manufacturing plant in Gimo, Sweden. Sandvik Coromant has more than 8,000 employees worldwide, has representative offices in more than 130 countries and regions, and has 28 efficiency centers and 11 application centers around the world. Four distribution centers located in the Netherlands, the United States, Singapore and China ensure accurate and rapid delivery of products to customers.

Three, LEITZ Leitz

Leitz invests 5% of its total sales in research and development every year. The research results involve tool materials, structure, environmentally friendly and resource-saving tools, etc. Through continuous technological innovation, we develop efficient product technologies to provide users with more efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe knives.

Four, Kennametal Kennametal

Pioneering and innovative, unwavering and paying close attention to customer needs are Kennametal’s consistent style since its establishment. Through years of research, metallurgist Philip M. McKenna invented the tungsten-titanium cemented carbide in 1938, which made a major breakthrough in the cutting efficiency of steel after the alloy was used in cutting tools. “KennametalĀ®” tools have faster cutting speeds and longer lifespans, thus driving the development of metal processing from automobile production to airplanes to the entire machinery industry.

Five, KAI Pui Yin

Beiyin-has a long history of nearly a hundred years in Japan. Its products are divided into: high-level professional scissors (divided into clothes scissors and hairdressing scissors), razors (male and female), beauty products, household products, medical scalpels , With excellent quality, the sales network covers many countries in the world. Occupy a certain market share, and be recognized by the vast number of consumers, with strong market competitiveness. With the continuous expansion of the Chinese market, Beiyin established Shanghai Beiyin Trading Co., Ltd. in April 2000, which is responsible for the development and sales of the Chinese market. Beiyin’s development and penetration will enable it to take root and become active in the Chinese market.

Six, Seco mountain high

SecoToolsAB is one of the world’s four largest carbide tool manufacturers and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in Sweden. Seco Tool Company integrates R&D, production and sales of various cemented carbide tools for metal processing. Products are widely used in industries such as automobiles, aerospace, power generation equipment, molds, and machinery manufacturing. They are well-known in the global market and are known as ” The king of milling”.

Seven, Walter

Walter company began to develop cemented carbide metal cutting tools in 1926. The founder, Mr. Walter, has more than 200 patented technologies in this field, and Walter has been constantly demanding itself in this field. Striving for development, has formed today’s full range of tool products, and its indexable tools are widely used in automobile, aircraft and other manufacturing industries as well as various mechanical processing industries. Walter Company is one of the world’s famous cemented carbide tool production companies.

Post time: Mar-10-2021